Is lab grown leather in our future?


Is lab grown leather in our future? Yes, according to Modern Meadow.


“No, no…it’s Frahhhnk -en-steen…”

“Okay, then call me “Eye”-gore…”


Wow! This is coming. They announced $40 million dollars round B funding. So will this be Vegan? - Rich


I think it would be technically not vegan since the process starts with living cells, but I suspect vegans may opt to ignore that technicality.


True. But beans and other vegetables are living cells before they “brutally” ripped from the ground! :wink: - Rich


cue Arrogant Worms “Carrot Juice is Murder”


I have run out of likes. I would never make fun of someone for their beliefs. But that video had me ROFL! Thank you @julybighouse. - Rich


They are a Canadian Comedian group that makes fun of EVERYTHING in a way that usually offends no one. If you liked that song, check out “History is Made by Stupid People”


Proof-grade hides anyone? Ah… but is it laserable?