Is Mass Production of Lasered Products Viable?

But the medium Draftboard and Med Cherry ply we’re identical in my last order. When I made some stuff for Christmas out of Maple it was a glue joint but Cherry was a tight friction fit as was the Draftboard.

It really pays to measure and I’ve found variations between orders so now I rotate my stock as it comes in so I’m not mixing batches bought at different times.

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I figured there would be lot to lot and maybe even piece to piece variations. I don’t do friction fit very much so I made this to cut out of an unused part of a sheet :
Stick them together and you should have a pretty good idea of what to make your slots and tabs. It should work in theory, but it didn’t this weekend, which is why I didn’t post the svg. I have to debug. Also, there is the use case of painted draft board where you don’t know how much thickness the paint will add. I had a great idea for painted draft board, could sell the heck out of it, unfortunately the 2.5 hours of engrave time is a killer. But I have another idea about that.


This is cool @caribis! Can you post in Free Laser Designs as its own topic so people can find it?

That was my plan, but this weekend using three different proofgrade materials, I didn’t get the exact fit I was expecting. So either I screwed up something when I made them, or there is a bug somewhere else in the process. Still scratching my head. When I’m satisfied I have a tool and a workflow that should work for everyone I’ll post. Once taxes are done my plan was to tackle this again.

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Wow, that is clever. You are my new spirit animal.

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It is nice to see kerfinators keep getting better and better.

This one and one for 1/4" nominal would cover most things.


I apologize for the slow response, but thanks for such a considered comment. I’m currently in negotiations with several folks with larger machines and hope that I can one that will be viable. Thanks!

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