IS the pro REALLY x3 faster?

Wondering if the PRO is REALLY X3 faster than the basic?

The Pro can move the head at “4000” speed for raster engraves only, but that doesn’t mean you can use that speed. You can only put out so much power, and the head needs to accelerate/decelerate at the end of each pass, so much time is lost there.

I’ve not found any practical use for the higher speeds.


@Eflyguy is 100% on point as usual.

I’m not sure what material you’re engraving but that kind of lpi is usually overkill and it’s the biggest part of your slowdown. If I wanted to speed things up I’d be experimenting with settings to see if I could get a good result at 270 lpi or even 225. The duration reduction will be largely linear if you leave the speed the same and just change the power and LPI.

Time = current time * new lpi / 675 lpi: 5.5*270/675 = 2.2 hours.

Also “won’t read it all at once”, what do you mean by that?


I have a basic and pro. What I have found is that theoretically you can engrave at very fast speeds - but because the turn round time at the end of each sweep if longer there are diminishing returns (and also smaller print area)

In the real world, the speed difference between the two for my jobs - which are mostly cuts and scores - is about 20-25%, so improvement not to be sniffed at - but not 3 times as fast.

I did put up a long report on facebook about this, but got banned from the GUG - it might still be up there.


the 3x faster is really *UP TO 3x faster. most cases it’s marginally faster. in some specific cases, you may be able to get closer to 3x, but not normally.

Try defocusing maybe?

As for using all of the material, design for 10x12 and walk away from the rest of the material. I bet the material isn’t worth the time you spend on it. That’s up to your hourly rate but I know that very few materials are worth more than the time I put into a project.

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i have a stack of those strips. they come in handy when i make random stuff that i can call throwaway (just based on my time, and i can cut/engrave while i work and get paid, so it’s not too bad).

but like @evansd2, i don’t get too worried about 10-15% strips off of a sheet that cost me $3-5. i just use it as leftovers to make little things i give away. i.e…



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