Is there a crowdsourced materials settings list?

I’m just wondering if there’s a list of materials and what settings work on them for engraving/cutting. Everyone could put in materials they’ve tried, the thickness, and what power settings they found worked well on those materials.


For Proofgrade :proofgrade: it will put in the right settings for you.
For Non-Proofgrade: see the Beyond the Manual portion of the forum.
Edit: I made it easier and just moved this question to Beyond the Manual section.
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Not yet, but we could start one. That would probably be handy for a starting point.

Cardboard catches on fire with these settings:
150 speed -


What kind of cardboard? Corrugated? Single or double corrugations? Non-corrugated (e.g. chipboard - cereal box type)? What weight?

Cutting, scoring or engraving?

That’s why I want the spreadsheet, to keep track of details like this!

Their is a ton of data in this section of the forum just waiting to be amalgated.


Just speaking from previous experience - they are of very limited use, since there is such a wide variance in materials bought from different sources around the world and across the country. It really is a good idea for people to create their own spreadsheets though, with the materials that they are actually using, and jot down what they have had success with. :slightly_smiling_face:

In the meantime, a search for “Settings” in this section will pull up any current shared settings for non-Proofgrade materials. I try to go in and add it to the titles on any posts that have valid current settings information.

Remember that anything older than the last update is NOT valid from a speed standpoint, and might be a fire hazard (depending on the material) if you try to use it. It’s going to be much too slow based on the old scale.


You think everyone who contributes to a spreadsheet is going to be that specific? In the time it took you to find safe, reliable settings you could have just run a test cut and been done.

I think that’s the point. Your post of the settings that result in fire in cardboard wasn’t specific enough to tell me if I had an issue - I’m better off running my calibration projects.

I tend to do a quick test of almost everything I lase (except for PG) because of the variability in the materials - even from the same provider. I should do it for everything because I’ve found significant variations within the same purchased lot of stuff but I don’t because that just seems like too much of a waste and if there is variability I’ll find it with the first failed cut :smile:


Exactly the point I was illustrating. :smiley:

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