Is there a "registry" of used GF names?


In going down a laundry list of things to do before my GF Pro arrives, the thought occurred to me that I not only need to have a name ready for the set-up process, but possibly backup names in case my choice is already taken. But is there an online registry of names already used that I can check in advance to be better prepared for this?


Don’t worry about reusing a name. It doesn’t matter. There is not a database of pre-taken names that it checks out.


Don’t panic, names can be reused just not two the same on the same account.

Edit, and @marmak3261 out types me.


I believe I have read that the name does not have to be unique, and in fact multiples of the same name have already been reported.


You guys are too fast for me!


I am keeping mine secret though as I’d like to have the only one with that name.


I hear you… me too


I have a backlog of posts from being at a conference last week and then taking the weekend off to go to KC. It’s brutal at the moment. All these new posts. Major announcements, I’m going back and digging out seven day old posts and I still chase squirrels in new posts.


Thanks all. So now I just need to choose between my first choice and backups.


Are spaces allowed in the name? I’m thinking " " would be a good name. :laughing:


Once you name your machine @markevans36301, the remaining 10,000 GlowForge purchasers might copy and use your name!!! LOL :slight_smile:


As long as I’m first to the best of my knowledge I’m good.


I already named mine markevans36301. Sorry, @markevans36301.


Lol, good try, thanks for playing. I’ll even give you a hint. It is in the same tradition as my PRU.


Oh heck, I can’t even remember the name of mine… :smile:


It’s on the gfui, upper right.


Jules’ Verne


Oooh! Take that a step further…Jules Vernier! :joy:

Well, it’s not exactly a measuring device…I’ll work on it…I’m busy trying to not go to the schedule thread now.


That’s not quite true…


OK then.