Is there a way to cut the outline of a template thru the glowforge software and engrave the middle?

Any help is greatly appreciated. My wife is trying to cut out pumpkins and it is literally cutting out all the lines in the middle. We just want the outline cut and middle engraved. Thank you!

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In your graphics program, you need to separate the different lines with different colors. If all lines are the same color, they will be treated the same - engrave, cut, or score.


Big Pumpkin.pdf (5.8 KB)

Here is a pumpkin I drew, set the ribs to score and everything else to cut.

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In the glowforge app when I add the pumpkin template how do I set different colors?

Thank you for the beautiful pumpkin yet I am still unsure of what software you are using to do so and how I can accomplish this. Thanks!

Wait, I think I figured it out. So if I take a picture of a pumpkin I like and just make sure the the inner lines aren’t touching the outer lines it’ll separate them so I can set them to score, right?

I made this in CorelDraw and yes that would be one solution. However, I did segments of the line in different colors so I could assign different operations in the GFUI.


@sheehya108 - Welcome to the forums!

As to your path of leanring with your :glowforge: Have you worked through the first prints yet? This is a great way to learn.

Lesson 3 will really help you orient to a powerful free graphics program that many folks around here use.


Here are the ‘First Prints’ and tutorials you really should work through first. It will answer a lot of these questions and more.


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