Is there a way to download the SVG files of purchased catalog projects?

So my daughter loves the pencil cup project for a night light with a LED tea light but it’s not the ideal shape and would be better to have the pattern on all 5 sides. Is there a way to download the SVG file for this catalog project so I can modify the design without having to re-create it from scratch?

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I don’t believe it is intended for the catalog files to be downloadable, and I know you’re not the first person to wish for such a feature. Others here may be able to give you good advice on, unfortunately, recreating it from scratch.


There are some awesome patterns on Etsy if you want to DIY. Usually a couple of dollars for a bunch of patterns.


I have no idea if the files can be saved, but in the meantime here are two website where you can design your own box: & You’ll have the freedom to etch whatever you want on the box sides. Happy creating!


Glowforge considers this a theft of their intellectual property.

If your issue is you know how to do it, but don’t want to spend the time recreating the pattern than sorry, please stop reading. If your issue is more, “how do I recreate it,” then Grizzarkhov has pointed to two box maker sites where you can make a box of any size. The pattern, or any other geometric pattern, wouldn’t be that difficult to imitate and would be a great way to learn more advanced design using Inkscape, or AI or your vector editor of choice.


Yeah, I can make it in Illustrator but was just hoping to save time since I only want to make a few minor adjustments to the original file.

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