Is there a way to tell how much the Glowforge's been used?

Several months ago I thought I read someone mention how many “hours” their Glowforge had been used. Is there a readout somewhere that tells this?

I don’t believe there is a user accessible file that provides this information.

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There’s not any kind of usage metric you can access.

Glowforge did send out a year-end summary to everyone in January with how many prints you did in 2020, and how far your print head traveled.

This information was based on jobs submitted to their servers, so it over-counted usage if you’ve ever hit print but didn’t actually run the job (e.g. cancelled to change a setting or move things).

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I have an unoffical log on how many hours i have used my GF, its just a excel spreadsheet i pull up when the GFUI says “this job will take 2 hrs” and mark the sheet, its about 85% accurate because of job failures or other issues. - but its a great baseline.


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