Is there a Will-Call Pickup for the Glowforge?

Howdy Glowforge Community!

Based on my order history page, I’m due to see my GF Pro ship sometime next week. As I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, I’m wondering if there is an opportunity to pick my unit up from a will call desk at the warehouse instead of waiting for the big brown truck?

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Sean O’Steen
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Not at this time.


Best you could do is create a hold at depot order but with essentially overnight delivery that might be nearly, if not completely, impossible to accomplish.

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Have it held at the nearest UPS…minimum unit travel that way.


No will call option, but as others have suggested, you might do well to create a UPS My Choice account and then arrange to have the GF held at your nearest hub.

Being so close to the factory is kind of a double edged sword; on the one hand your wait time is shorter than most - OTOH, bay area deliveries often seem to arrive before the notification does :wink: