Is there an easy way to make a double living hinge with a small space between them?

Hey all,
This might be the wrong place to ask, still figuring out the site. But I am trying to make a sort of like U shaped living hinge piece with a flat bottom to sit on.
I’ve come across a few places that can be used to make a hinge to start but can’t figure out a way to space them correctly.
Does anyone out there have a good way to do so?

Thank you in advance!! :slight_smile:

A really bad hand drawing of my thoughts

Use the festi flex box to give you the pieces you need.

click on the boxes with flex and you will see some pictures of what can be done.


No and not a problem. I moved this to a more appropriate subfourm.

Thank you!

Without math…do what said! lol

You will want to have the last bits to be straight, and since the bend shortens the inside and stretches the outside you can put the bend in top or bottom of the bend. I made this in 1/4 in Oak plywood (about as tough a material as possible) by forcing all the bend to the inside. (I did soak it 24 hrs in hand sanitizer first)…

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