Is there an update on shipping?



I wanted to know if you could give us a new video, and update on the progress. you guys have been kinda quiet and im wondering because were about a month from the shipping deadline; and would love to know that were still on schedule and progress with everything?


Here is his latest comment to a very similar request.


I edited this title to avoid mass heart attacks. :slight_smile:

It used to say: “Shipping Update”

Made my heart skip a beat… :sweat_smile:


cool thanks


Thanks - mine too.


Ohhhh yes! Thank you very kindly.

Sad sort of thing…I got an unexpected email shipping notice from a company that I briefly spoke to this morning about some samples, and I just about had a coronary.

(Guess it affects all of us.) ROFL! :smile:


At this time we all are on the edge of our seats :sweat_smile: