Is this a scam? (Answer: No)



And it appears that person is @Jules. :wink:


Oh aren’t you cheeky. I just figured if you read it, so you’d know where
it was. I hadn’t seen anything that said that.
But no worries, I have all the time in the world, so don’t worry about
wasting your precious time!

Kammi Matson


We’ve visited it a few times lately…chuckle! :wink:


Indeed. But I’m glad you found it. I thought it was in the announcement about shipping. Couldn’t remember at all. I think I’ve read every post on the site. I’ve had to go back and re-read so I can bookmark the ones I want to re-visit when I get my 'forge.




I flagged a few of the most recent statements he’s made…because people have been asking frequently, and the answers are getting lost in unrelated topics.

Squee alert! :squeeee:


or Shaky? :thinking:



That has got a nice beat! (Might have to add it to the workout mix so I can shaky-shaky-shaky the ba-donk-a-donk!) :wink:


Welcome @ikammi to the Forum! Are you a recent purchaser or have you just now joined, if you don’t mind my asking.

I can’t imagine what it is like to come to this forum for the first time and wade through so much information. It’s sometimes hard to figure out what is up to date or not. And also the threads sometimes weave so much information in, it’s hard to find the final point. For example, I was looking at all the exhaust solutions discussed. Not sure if I wanted to start a new topic or resurrect an older one. Will decide later.

There are a couple threads that assist in getting introduced to everyone, especially the QOTD topics.

Glad you are here.


Hi marmak, thanks :slight_smile: I purchased a Glowforge during the Kickstarter campaign and I’ve been waiting patiently ever since. Haven’t really been on the forums much because my only question for the time being is “Will my Glowforge really ship in Decemeber?”


You’re a good man, Charlie Brown!


Ahem - Glowforges were never offered on Kickstarter. They’ve always been offered strictly as preorders directly from the Glowforge company. It’s a common misconception amongst the general public and oddly enough, GF pre-orerers.


You all should see @dan latest announcement. - Rich


New Status Update in the Announcements section!


Okay, my bad. I pre-ordered my GF during its kickstarter-esque campaign.
I’ve been waiting so long for it, its all become a blur…


That’s ok. We had a topic a while ago discussing this issue.

It’s a generic word these days.


It’s become a generic term: like Kleenex, Tampons, Scotch Tape, Nalgene,
Leatherman, etc…


I don’t tend to post but thanks for summing up the situation so eloquently, I too am patiently waiting for my pro machine… bumps, setbacks, and all.


Thank you for responding.

Now that we are so close to the official shipping schedule (by the first Friday of December per @dan), I am planning to scour the thrift shops (Salvation Army, ARC, Goodwill, ReStore and Habitat) for different materials to test with.

There gonna be a ho’ lota burnin’ goin’ on soon!! :squee::squeee::squeeee:

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