Is this fume extractor a good option for Basic users?

I decided against the air filter option and now need to look into fume extractors, should I happen to fail to make something that vents the GF outside.

I found that Full Spectrum makes 3 sizes of fume extractors. I was wondering if anyone here has experience with them, and more specifically, if you have used the small version with a GF or similar laser cutter, as it is within my price range.

Thank you!

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I don’t have an answer but I hope you don’t mind me moving this to Beyond the Manual.
I’m quite certain Dan and company would say it belongs in that category.

Sounds great, and maybe that will help it get some replies as well! Thank you.

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They are pretty sparse on details, huh?

I see the small filter media is $600 to replace!

Did you end up purchasing a fume extractor? I am currently looking into the same option and am struggling to find the right unit.