Is this Safe to use?

I have read this page several times and I am unable to determine if it is a Good/Safe tape for the Glowforge. I was looking for something that would stick to MDF and Plywood. I have some masking Tape but as soon as the laser cuts around it the tape comes loose. I have also read the Threads on Masking Tape and it seems there was no conclusion on which was the best.

Almost certainly not.

You need paper tape, not plastic - which is mostly PVC and harmful to the machine.

You will also want medium tack, not high tack.


Thank You

You need paper masking.

Try the TransferRite 592U high tack tape. They sell it as US Cutter, but also other spots. Whatever tape you use, make sure you burnish it really well all over with a brayer or a plastic flat edge (like a credit card).

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Thank you I will try that

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Just Ordered A Roll

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I think you’ll be happy with it!

If it’s actually masking tape I have no suggestions, but if it’s masking this is an indication that you didn’t activate the glue. It requires pressure to activate - rubbing many many times with the edge of a credit card, or piece of cut wood - something very flat will activate it.

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Thank you, I did not know that about masking Tape.


I just mentioned this tape in another thread before finding it mentioned here. Idk how to link threads so I’ll just copy and paste what I wrote over there:

Curious if anyone has already looked into this tape / has experience with it? I originally found it on Amazon where there was no mention of it being laser safe. It was labeled “vinyl transfer tape” which was confusing because, like, is it made OF vinyl or is it FOR vinyl? So then, I went directly to their website just to confirm that it’s a legit product and was excited to see that it was described as laser safe. I don’t understand why they had slightly different info for the same product in two places, but I contacted the company and someone confirmed that they are the same product and that the clear transfer tape is safe for laser cutting. On their website, it says that it is PVC free. Are there concerns other than PVC in regards to clear tape?

I see that this tape has already been shot down, but is that based on an assumption? Totally understandable if that’s because all clear tapes usually involve PVCs. I’d love to hear what you guys have to say considering I already bought it, it’s here, and I need to use it asappp :upside_down_face:.

It’s not PVC, so you’re good there - I’d just worry that unlike paper tape this may melt into your material. Looking forward to hearing how it works for you :smiley:


Ah, yeah, that’s something I didn’t consider. Good thinkin’. I laser cut hand-dyed silk and I need to be able to see where I set my shape down on the fabric in the app since the design on the silk needs to match up in certain parts. Silk already naturally melts to an extent (which works in my favor as it reduces fraying), so maybe the tape melting won’t be an issue. It’s definitely worth it to me to experiment with it, but I wanted to make sure that it is safe to do so, first. Some people were like, “definitely not” and I wanted to find out if they were basing that opinion on an assumption or if they knew something that I don’t about this tape. Thanks for taking the time!

I mean, in general it’s safer to avoid the risk of PVC, but since they have a clear in large type “contains no PVC” they are definitely catering to our market :slight_smile: There are folks who “definitely no” on chrome tanned leather too - but that’s unnecessary too.

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