Is Viton rubber safe to cut?

Question, is a Viton rubber sheet safe to use in the Glowforge for cutting out a gasket? For example, here is what I’m looking at

There is fluorine based Viton and I know that’s not good. So I’m trying to source a Viton for some gaskets I need to make that is safe. Any help is greatly appreciated!

I found this and it may help.

It looks like Buna-N gasket material is safe to use so that may be an option as well?

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Thanks for the heads up! Yeah I did come across that site. Unfortunately, Buna is a gasket material that doesn’t hold up to higher temperatures and some chemical resistances like Viton does. The gasket I need will be used in a fuel application in a motor. I did cut a sheet of Viton I have but obviously I don’t want to do this if it’s going to hurt the machine and be unsafe.

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Dang it, too bad, the Buna stuff sounded promising. It seems there are a lot of folks looking for laser safe gasket material and I’m not seeing a lot of success. Hopefully some of our resident chemist folks pop in to give an answer. Good luck in your search. Hopefully there’s a flourine free Vitron out there some where.

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