ISO advice: painting engraving on whiteboard, then sealing

I want to engrave a design into a piece of white board (basic home depot MDF with whiteboard finish). I have a test piece cut and I marked in the engraving with black oil marker. I’d like to leave the masking on it and put some sort of finish on the engraved/markered area so that someone could use a dry erase marker on it and not make a mess of the black engraved area. not necessarily for heavy use, but to at least be able to do it more than a few times w/o totally messing up the black.

thoughts on what finish would work best? I probably get one shot at this and have to do it tonight after work.

I haven’t tried it, but “in theory” it may work…How about one of those clear coat pens or bottles with little paint brush, that can be used to touch up car clear coat scratches? It dries clear (thus clear coat), and it dries tough enough to withstand the weather/driving of a vehicle.

maybe. that could be painful (both cost and time) since I have one piece that’s 10x16 to paint in (and possibly a handful of smaller 3.5 x 5.5 boards as well).

I hate doing things in ridiculously short periods of time. but that’s how things go for me at work.

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What about just some spray acrylic sealer on top? I’ve had decent success with this stuff.


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right along the lines of what i finally found in a search.

and it’s in stock locally and on my way home from work. i will come back and give a review after i’ve given it a try. need to paint/mark in black on the engrave, spraypaint the clear dry erase tonight. and hope it’s dry enough to travel at 5am tomorrow when i head to the train to NY.

maybe i should leave work now.


Cool, let me know how it works out. I coated a bunch of painted acrylic the other day and they turned out pretty well. I used the matte acrylic spray you though.