ISO: Clear material (thin) that changes color when engraved

So, the guy who runs the model shop at my company asked me this question.

Are you aware of any thin clear materials (1/32” – 1/16”) that when scored on the laser the score line turns a color? We used to have something like this (scored a burnt orange color) but have since run out and I don’t know what the material actually was.

I guess it was some older material that was ordered before he took over the shop, and he’s trying to find some more of it. I don’t know of anything, but I know there are people here who have found some pretty esoteric materials, so I figured it was worth asking if anyone here has any ideas.


In the way back of the beginning here, there was someone who played around with heating …titanium to varying degrees to add colored hues to it…doesn’t’ really help but…
I found many references from 16 and 17 but not an original thread.

I’ll bet i know where it is and why I can’t find it….

Sounds a little like cellulose acetate, but it gives off acidic fumes you probaly don’t want in your GF.


he did say it was particularly smelly, so maybe that’s it?

for now, i talked to him about scoring with masking and painting or using an oil marker to color the score lines. hopefully that’ll work for him.


Apparently quite a rabbit hole…

most I think turn back and break (quit changing color) if too hot (Like hit with a laser)


I used to love my hypercolor shirt back in the 90s. :smiley:


It would be interesting to have a design that only showed up if the shirt got wet :slightly_smiling_face:

Bwahaha!! So many thoughts but I will keep them to myself. LOL


They make adorable umbrellas in Japan that do that. It’s a judicious-use of-water-repellent-coatinngs rather than laser thing tho.

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