ISO Free Circular Cribbage Board Design

Hello All,

Wondering if anyone can assist me and provide a circle cribbage board design?

I have put much effort into one and feel like I’m getting no where fast. I was hoping to make one for a Christmas gift for a family member.

If anyone is able to help me out, I would GREATLY appreciate it!!

Thank you in advance!

I understand why you put it here, but this category is only for folks who are offering designs, so I’ve moved it to Everything Else.

Thank you.

The 2nd link might have a free round one - but you have to create a login to find out. The rest are either for sale, or not round so…

OK, lmgtfy has changed their results. My bad.

The point is, if you google for “cribbage board svg file” you get hundreds of matches.

For example:

… or if you mean an actual circle, here’s one:


I’d recommend using thick proofgrade.


Thick proofgrade is the perfect height for these pegs.


Thank you, everyone! I greatly appreciate it!

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