Issues Converting AutoCAD to Inkscape

Good morning all, I have been having a particular issue lately. It doesn’t pertain to the Glowforge at all, but rather the preparation of files. I’ve done a bit of searching but haven’t found my particular issue yet.


This first image is a screen grab from within AutoCAD, using the DXF file that I exported from my main file.

As you can see there are no issues.

This image is from Inkscape after importing the DXF file. As you can see the upper two slots have each shifted in size, and the lower right slots have decided to go crazy.

I’ve attached the DWG and the SVG in question (in the .zip). Has anyone else had this issue? (14.3 KB)
pint.dwg (487.9 KB)

Have you tried exporting in "old style"dxf whatever the oldest that is there? As they got more fancy with Autocad other programs had a harder time reading them. Another possibility is to do a PDF and try inserting that.


Thanks for the tips. I will try that out.

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I second the pdf idea.


I don’t use inkscape but I have gone from AutoCAD quite a bit. It might be in the translation of units. When I go from ACAD (saved as dxf) to Illustrator it asked for the units used and scale. If I get that wrong things can show up weird. Are you sure your lines are at 0 elevation? could be a projection issue. Also your lines should be lines and arcs or polylines.


Yep. All that is accounted for. Importing into Inkscape it auto-assumes everything is in mm, which is kind of odd… but if I design for inches in AutoCAD I make sure to have a 25.4 multiplier on the unit factor.

Plotting the elements I needed into a PDF and then opening the PDF in Inkscape seems to work just fine. It’s a couple of extra steps, but not really a big deal.


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