Issues with Purex Alpha 400 Air Filter



I’ve renamed this thread for archival posterity. If there is a more official way to go about this, please let me know. Thank you to everyone who offered suggestions and support. I’m looking forward to sharing my work once everything is operational.


Kind of a big thing to forget, but everyone makes mistakes…

Never mind what I said before. I think they’re out to get you. :open_mouth:


Glad you got it going. Tough troubleshooting story, but thanks for documenting it, including and especially the “solved.”


Un-solving this thread. Their part arrived, but turns out it wasn’t missing. So the issue remains unsolved. Attempted cutting again with the filter at full blast, just for reference. Alarm went off within a couple seconds, as always.

Does anyone know if we have any Seattle locals on the board who might be able to help me troubleshoot?