It doesn't say


…don’t try this at home. Anyone up for doing their own dental work beginning in 2017? Heh heh! :laughing:


Wish that had been available a few years back. (Root canals are not fun.)


or cheap. The plan we’ve got for my future wife’s teeth involve s three more root canals and more money than I originally paid for that house i’m fixing up


dental insurance. As quick as you can.


It’s weird though, I’ve been having trouble cause she’s not my wife. I’ll keep trying though lol


time to pull that trigger! :couplekiss::wink:


I’ve never found dental insurance that actually covers much of anything beyond cleanings and basic care, and even then usually only in amounts similar to what you pay them yearly.

What I don’t understand is why dental care isn’t covered by normal health insurance. And vision. Eyeballs and teeth are important parts of your body and health…


I don’t actually have it either, but if I had three to do, I’d sure look into it. They want something like a couple grand to do a root canal now. It’s obscene.


Make sure you get a good dentist. I had a root canal done when I was like 17 (on a tooth that didn’t form enamel), and recently found out I needed to have it redone because it was incomplete with a chronic infection for the past 13 years. And my current dentist gave the revision a 50-50 chance of failing.

So, instead I opted to have it extracted, get a bonegraft, and and later a dental implant – costs about the same as seeing the root canal specialist, but way higher odds of success. The downside is it’s been excruciating. The most painful thing I’ve ever had done.


you have no idea how badly I do wish to. October 13, 2018. sigh. so… long…


Ow. just Ow


That’s not good. Similar thing happened to my former sister-in-law, and she was sucking her meals through a straw for over a year. :worried:


I knew a guy that was outraged by the high prices of dental care, so he flew to mexico. They drilled for the filling he needed with an old ryobi hand drill. There wasn’t any anesthesia and there was a short in the drill. he was so cheap he let them finish…
edit: it causes me physical pain just thinking about it


In the service? (Waiting that long takes real devotion. Good for you both!)


no we have a baby lol. I never said I was a good person :wink: her grandparents want an old fashioned (expensive) wedding. and I’m not going to ask anyone else to pay for my wedding :confounded: lol
That was the compromise (if I ever made it sound like I was the boss in this relationship, I apologize for mis-conveying ;))


Well, that sounds pretty good to me.


deception, that’s all it is. I have to put up a good front :wink:


Nifty, I had read a magazine article a few months back that mentioned this, but I must have skimmed it, or the process has evolved. I swear it said electrical shock for enamel regeneration.

But, with how bad my teeth are, I really loved the idea for my kids in the future. I imagine you need some precision application, but if some day in the future you can just plug in your teeth for a few minutes every night and no longer worry about brushing… sign me up!


I can’t speak for all insurance companies but peia in wv has wonderful dental and vision. And if I am not mistaken if you get it classified as surgery then your regular insurance pays


My wife has had to have at least 4 of those and the doofuses that looked at everything from the beginning(6-8 months) decided that my wife’s diagnosis of another tooth was correct(but never give credit of course) and it needed to go as well pushing all the final work off an additonal 6-8 months for the new tooth that needed all the healing time.

This of course after years of going to a different dentist who said her teeth were all fine and they shouldn’t be hurting at all.