It finally came! I never thought this day would come!

Oh my goodness guys! I’ve been so anxious about the arrival of this amazing technical marvel for such a long time!!! Every day, reading about it, watching anxiously as information trickles in. You all know the feeling! I had a moment of hope about this time last year, but my dreams were smashed (temporarily). Well, the day has finally come!!!

That’s right! I finally have a Galaxy Note again! The 8 has come in, and it is beautiful! After having the Note 7 ripped from my hands a year ago, Samsung made good with the 8.

Still no sight of my Glowforge Pro though… I ordered on Day 15. I check daily here for the “Pro orders placed on Day [x]” to change, but I think the counter is stuck on 1.

Happy Friday everyone!


Click bait! ROFL! :smile:

Congrats on the Galaxy.


Bwahahahaha! Spew!


Glad you have something to be excited about!


Yeah, my Dad got his yesterday, too. I wish I could have waited for it. But my last phone (Note 4) died completely a few months ago. So I’m “stuck” with the S8+ for a while. But I’ll look forward to my Note 9 in a year or so. :wink:

Enjoy it! :slight_smile:

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It is stuck on 1 partly because there were a lot of orders on day 1. The basics stuck on day 1 for a long time before they started moving on.


Can we flag clickbait for deletion?

If we did we’d loose half the forum (and some of the best posts) :smile: