It is time to sey good by

I am very very sad,
Product price is for me a half years of hard work. I resigned from my vacation and entertainment to save some money. I have a wife and second child on the way, I can not afford to wait so long for the product. Rather than repay the loan installment for a flat (a loan for 30 years) I invested all the savings in your product because I wanted to open your own business. But I can not wait that long, I need the money

I hope you achieve success. God bless you all


Oh, that’s too bad. Hope you have every success, and good luck with the new baby. :relaxed:

Here’s the link to get your money back:

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I’m so sorry that you’re feeling sad, but certainly understand your decision. It must have been a difficult one to make. Wishing you all the best with your family and new baby.



(Google Translate says that’s Polish for “good luck”.)