It’s a Beauty

The other day, my wife popped in to see what I was doing with my new toy and I was mid cut. She marveled at the process and said “You can really see that these ‘guys’ cared to make a beautiful machine. It’s really lovely.”

That sums it up. Thank you Glowforge team.


Agreed! Just unboxing it gave me the same impression.


Yes, and from the “tear down” I saw, it is a beautiful piece of engineering inside too. There is always room for improvement in the next version, but GF has done an amazing job of making laser cutting a technology available to a much larger audience.


I agree, I walked by it this morning thought the same thing its a beautiful machine and said I can’t believe it I have a Glowforge!


I grin every time I walk into the shop.
It does look out of place in that rough hewn room.