It’s beginning to look a lot like........summer

Fall in the Rocky Mountains and we have had record heat. Not why I moved here. So, to help myself, I’ve started on Christmas stuff in an effort to will the snow to come. Both were made with 2 tone acrylic from inventables.


Early or not…these are really sweet. Especially the Santa hats. We have another week of mid-80s coming up here, too (Oregon)…I’m ready for fall. :slightly_smiling_face:


Only 93 days until Xmas ! Finally dropped out of triple digits here in Tucson (only highs in the upper 90’s this week) Nice earrings/ornaments !!!


Very cute! I suppose if you didn’t have the two tone acrylic, you could just mask red acrylic before engraving then sink some paint in there before removing the masking.


What were your settings? Did you have any masking on the acrylic? I have some two tone from inventibles but haven’t figured out a good setting yet.

The candy cane was done with clear proofgrade settings by mistake. The engrave is a bit deeper than I’ like, but it still came out good.

The hat was cut with clear proofgrade, and engraved at 905/64, with a second pass at 1000/40 to clean it up.
I always take off the plastic mask that comes on it, and remask with transfer paper. I did this on both sides.

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They’re cute!