It was a busy Christmas rush!

Well over 50 orders this month, which for a side business, is plenty.

A lot was combination cnc and laser. Here were some .


And about 20 more beard combs on top of the 50.


Wow, you’ve been busy (especially so as this is something you do on the side). Sweet designs. Thanks for sharing! I love to see what others create.

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Yup. Full time I’m a mechanical designer for one of the biggest mining equipment companies in the world.

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Which reminds me of the 20 ornaments I made for various bosses.


They all look great! :grinning:

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That is a bunch of great projects! My favorite is the baby onesie ornament.

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Your engraves are fantastic. :grin:

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Thanks for sharing… This gives folks a great idea of what is possible on a Glowforge! I am a huge fan of the Eagle Scout award and also the engravings. Truly exceptional work!!

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wow! amazing! Did you use the glowforge to do the log cabin/deer carving?

I used laser for the group separators and the outline of the start holes. The rest was 3D milled with a 1mm radius tapered ball end mill.

Great looking batch of projects you have there. Thanks for showing us.

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I Really like the Eagle Scout Award.

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It’s all great but I absolutely love the cribbage board.

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The cribbage board is stunning! Love the Eagle Scout Award and baby photo ornament also!