It was certainly a "Maker" holiday this year!


Now… what to get from the credit on an 10" sliding compound miter saw?!? :slight_smile:

Edit: no, I don’t have kids… Legos are all for meeee!!! :squee:


Two handed compound mitering!!! That takes talent. :wink:


So you get one of those adjustable tool holder stands, set up a lead screw to regulate precise distances between the two blades…


I say meld them together to get a full 20" mitre saw. All the construction workers and trades will be super jealous.


Lego & power tools are two of my favorite things! Lucky you :grin:


I got a dremel 4200 with the carrying case, all the attachments (or a lot of them) and 75 bits
I’m super excited to use it


The 12". :slight_smile: It’s a great step up from the 10". You get a bunch more capacity and a better build quality too I think. I agonized over both when I went looking for a sliding miter. Finally decided the 12 was the way to go (if you have the room). It wasn’t that much more and the flexibility it provides is great - never go wrong going big :smile:


Looks like my kind of Christmas!:smile:


I see woodwork in your future! :grin:


ok… maybe wrong holiday… I did buy myself a new cameo though. Personally I like the Ryobi line of tools - I have a lot of their 18 volt tools. Here’s to 2017 !!! ( yearr of the GF).


If it didn’t come with one of these - pick one up (only a few dollars). It is one of the best investments for the dremel !


Absolute necessity! :relaxed:


Dido on that. Every maker needs a Dremel and every Dremel needs a hand tightening collet.


I have had a Dremel for over 10 years but it never crossed my mind to get a hand tightening collet for it. That’s going on the list.


Sweet score!

I got some more batteries for my tools, an angle grinder, LED flood light…

Yep this is the crowd for me.

A little jealous that you got Legos though.:wink:


2 sets built already! My wife was even cool enough to get me Daphne and Velma separately with the Scooby Doo set so I would have the whole gang!

I’m thinking a new drill, I have an 18v Black & Decker that I like, but it’s getting old. Also considering a bigger sander (I just have a palm sander).


I have been very happy with both Milwaukee and Makita brands.


This illustrates so well that no matter how mundane and obvious something is to the poster it may well be useful.
I would have never thought that anyone who owned a Dremel would not have picked one up! Especially you, someone I know is sharp.


Here are some great add-ons:

Dremel 220-01 Rotary Tool Work Station

Dremel 225-01 Flex Shaft Attachment

Dremel 335-01 Plunge Router Attachment

Dremel 231 Shaper/Router Table

Dremel 565 Multi-Purpose Cutting Kit


I bought a new Dremel set (don’t remember the model) and my son bought the rotary tool workstation for me. Haven’t used it yet, but it’s pretty cool.