It'd be neat to see an addon

I was thinking people are going to be trying to cut items without their crumb tray; and I know there’s lots of ways to calculate what height you need to bring an object within the laser target range but sometimes it’s finding something that is just the right height.

An adjustable crumb tray could be a neat thing to see. I’d buy one.


I would buy one as well just to not have to put a lot of thought towards where the item has to be!!!

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I’d be pretty happy with just a crumb tray that’s 0.5" shorter than the current one. Then you could use it for anything 0.5"–1.0" thick and the original crumb tray for anything under 0.5" thick.

Then to be fancy put a QR code on the plastic bits on the sides that the GF could use to recognize that you had it in there and automatically adjust the allowable material depth to be 0.5"–1.0" instead of 0.0"–0.5". :slight_smile: It could automatically complain if it saw normal :proofgrade:Proofgrade materials in there and tell you to switch trays. (Hmm. And maybe eventually we could have thick :proofgrade: that would tell you to use the thinner crumb tray.)


Beyond qr codes, make the frame orange or something, no chance you’d miss it.


And a big etched/molded label saying “short crumb tray; use only for thicker material.” Because you just know how inundated support would be otherwise. (Or even so.)


Double sided crumb tray would be useful for this.

Flip it over to have 2x as much vertical space, or maybe a pin bed, or both.


User Secret_Sauce designed some 3D-printable risers for lasering thick materials without the crumb tray. They’re built at heights that make the math super easy (e.g., subtract 1" from material thickness to use the short riser).

I’ve used them a few times now, and they work great!

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Warning: This crumb tray comes into contact with materials known to the state of California to cause cancer.

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As common as that disclaimer is, I’m beginning to think the test results are all skewed because the state of California causes cancer.


I like this concept. Something like shown below when flipped over to shallow side.
Would probably work for most items. Downside is slightly less square inches to work with when flipped to the Deep side.
NOTE: one inch and 1.5 are approximate to show concept only.