It's a match!

I made a matching game for my 7 year-old daughter.
NOTE: I am NOT an artist and never will be! BUT…I did have fun drawing these little doodles.
As usual, Inkscape gave me heartburn, but I’m forever in debt to @Jules for a post she made a while back (I’ll find it and link to it in my comments) about GF blatently ignoring clip paths! I drew these doodles on paper and scanned them in on one sheet. I thought I could clip each one to separate them out…imagine my distress when I uploaded my final design and found that EACH tile came along with the clipped image AND the remaining 19 designs! 20 tiles x 20 images = a complete mess!!! Thanks to Jules I re-did my design and used the intersect path tool to save just the image I wanted. Phew!


Here’s that life-saving post re: clip paths vs. permanent removal of unwanted parts of your design! Thanks again Jules!


I’m glad you found it! And those are adorable doodles…if I could draw half that well I could make a fortune with this thing! :smile:

Game pieces are a great idea!


Your doodles are PERFECT! (Seriously!)

Jules… you say you ‘can’t draw’ because… you don’t draw! Draw a lil’ bit every day, you’ll figure it out. (I draw lunch notes every day… the difference between my first few weeks of it, and now [5 years later] is quite astounding to me. Still not comic/movie level by ANY stretch, but fun and doesn’t take me an hour anymore.)


Yes, you are an artist! Your drawings are adorable and equivalent to ones I’ve gotten from Creative Market. Nice job on the game!


There’s just not much market for amoebas and amorphous blobs. :wink:


Your drawings are ADORABLE.


I stand corrected! :smile:
(People will buy anything.)


Quite adorable drawings!!! Very cute!

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Very well done! I love your doodles, especially the smiling whale!

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Sorry, I’m just gonna disagree with you here.
you made art. that makes you an artist.

(Trust me, I have a degree in this ish. How else would I know about “real” artists like Malevich? :roll_eyes: )


Could you please tell me the dimensions of this?

OMG - these pictures are fabulous !! I will make this for my grandbaby - thank you for sharing!!

I see a future in illustrating children’s books here! Great work!!!

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