It's All in the Details

Using more of the Home Depot white mdf, I got this pretty cool picture done today. I took the photo a while back and wanted to test out a landscape photo on this whiteboard stuff, and it came out almost how I wanted. Could be a little better, but that’s how I feel about everything I make :crazy_face:

The details on this are incredible. Like the tire tracks/footprints on the sand, the palm trees, the cars on the road, and even the houses. The ocean is also pretty realistic.

I didn’t mask it, and a lot of the details were hidden under the dust and smoke, so I went at it with a couple of baby wipes and got it nice and cleaned up.

Edit: Here’s another photo I missed when making the post.


Wow! That looks very nice.:grinning::+1:

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that looks great! how did you process the photo?

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Also how long did it take? What are the final dimensions?

Beautiful! That’s some incredible detail!

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That whiteboard does cut and engrave nicely. You did a great job dialing in the detail.

Your poor kids. :speak_no_evil:


I love it, and I can’t wait until my forge gets delivered so I can start making awesome stuff like this!


I did the same steps I’ve been doing since this post, but as this was only a test, I was a bit lazier about it.

@evansd2 since I bump the LPI up, it increases the time. Rough size is 18x9 inches, and took something like 2 hours 39 minutes?

So far there’s only one, and luckily for me, my wife did the major lifting in making him :wink:


It’ll be a great day when it shows up, and it will continue to bring you joy. I purchased mine before all of the amazing ideas that have been shared, and had no idea what I’d be able to do with it, so you’ve got quite a jumping board to dive into some great projects! Don’t be shy to ask for help if there’s anything you struggle with, but be sure to hit the magnifying glass and see if it’s been asked before. It’ll save you a bunch of time (and effort) if you cruise through the hundreds of posts here on the forum, both before and after your machine shows up!

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I have been working for a little while now with a cheap 2.5w diode laser, moving to a GF is going to be a huge game changer. I was able to produce, I think anyway, some really nice signs with that diode laser, I have a bunch of pictures on my “business” page on Facebook. If you wanted to check them out let me know and I’ll post the address lol


Nice detail in that! It looks like a sepia-toned photo.

Can you link to the Home Depot product? There are far too many choices. In white MDF it seems to be all moulding :-/

That’s beautiful and clear and I definitely want to try it!

You’re right! I just took my black and white photo and turned it Sepia, and they look pretty identical. Might be a new way to know what the photo will look like before sending it off to print :thinking:

@deirdrebeth Sure can!


Thank you!

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How many LPI did you print at? It looks awesome!

450 and thanks!

I explained my entire process a while back here: Wedding photo engrave and the small steps to perfection!

This was way before the material I used in this post, but the process is basically the same. I just don’t leave the masking on anymore, and my go to for using Proofgrade when doing photos is the Medium Basswood Plywood.

Thank you!

Good Gravy that is Gorgeous!

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Beautiful details!

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