It's B-MO Tiiime! (Layered Art Adventure Buddy)

Okay, so had an idea for a 2.5D (layered art) B-Mo from “Adventure Time”.

-Google searched a screenshot I liked
-Figured out how I wanted to layer it
-Set up a layout with my cut paths and registration marks
-First cut from a plain 8.5x11 sheet
-Used cut registration paper, held down with magnets, to slip the print-out art for cutting under &
lined up (print out is a 5x7 semi-gloss photo paper)
-Had to fish all his buttons out of the crumb tray… haha
-Used pre-cut mini mounting dots to assemble each layer (These things can be frustrating but
are useful, a little tip: use two pair of needle tweezers, or one needle tweezer & one exacto knife
to take the top backing paper off without pulling it off the sheet first :wink: )

And there you have it! A little B-mo buddy!


Amazing! You did a great job with this–the alignment is outstanding!


Yeah, It’s just perfect!


Aw, he’s really cute! :grinning:


That is really cool!

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A fellow fan! Adventure Time!

Side note, if you didn’t read the title in BMO’s voice, then you’re doing it wrong :wink:


If you don’t read everything in BMO’s voice then you’re doing it wrong. :wink:


Thanks! I’m pretty happy with it!

Thank you!

Well, it is B-mo :wink: Thanks!

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Apart from reading all you wrote in BMO’s voice this is bookmarked for a secret gift for the wife.

The high-point of every AT episode for her is when BMO comes on!


@raymondking32 and @tim1724 … I’m pretty sure B-mo voice is a default inner- dialogue of mine :smile:

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Clever idea! This technique could make some really neat 2.5D holiday cards.

@bdm I see you as well have the B-mo inner dialogue going eh… haha. Oh cool, I’m sure she’d love something like this then!

@dan Thanks! That is for sure one idea, any greeting card really! I also plan on some full scenes, with a lot going on in them as framed 2.5D art.

Well now you have to mirror the design and do Football.

So clever and creative!