It's been a year already

I can’t believe it’s been a year, well a year and 8 days :rofl:

I’ve made quite a few things with it, but what I originally got her for; was jigsaw puzzles. I finally did one yesterday, it didn’t turn out the way I wanted, so I tried again today. The second one was perfect. Of course, I forgot to take a pic of the finished product :see_no_evil: here’s the one from yesterday

I’ve been stalking @jbmanning5 and @shop pretty hard the past couple of days :rofl::rofl: I absolutely wished I had JB’s Maxit :weary::joy::joy: , but Super 3M 77 will have to do for now lol. I love the varnish trick, and the salt trick :hugs::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: mine was not $5 though​:see_no_evil: Lol. I have a blicks but got my chipboard at hobby lobby, will go for blicks next time; because at least the thickness is marked on theirs lol.

I had issues with the online puzzle generator, but something ”clicked,” and I think it’ll be fine now :thinking: yesterday I decided to use the puzzle feature in my silhouette studio, and that worked great. And thinking about it, I could use my cameo to make the boxes :joy::clap::clap::partying_face:

Anyway; thank you, everyone, that’s asked these two about anything puzzle related, so I had plenty of research material to read :rofl: and thank you JB for explaining everything in such detail and being a great storyteller.


Happy anniversary (belated) and it turned out great! :smile:


Thank you thank you :grin:


Happy anniversary! How time flies…


Was just thinking yesterday that I need to do another puzzle. @jbmanning5 is the puzzle master, for sure!


JB is definitely the man to follow when it comes to puzzle making, he’s created an official puzzle business! Happy belated anniversary, before you know it, you’ll be posting about year 2 :partying_face:


JB is the man. most of my tips are really just restating the things he showed me.


As mine will be too, haha


That’s my plan as well, 10+ years ago, I tried the scroll saw route. The cuts are easy, but the consistency and pattern knack would take years to develop, and I didn’t want to wait to learn lol.

I don’t have the photography background, maybe someday when I don’t have to punch someone else’s time clock, I can pick it up :thinking: lol.


I thought the same thing when it came to photography, but once I got my drone, I really enjoyed taking photos. I’ve found taking a “great shot” consists of taking a whole bunch of “okay” shots, and even bad ones. There are so many different levels of photography, you’ve just gotta find what makes you happy. Here’s a link to my Instagram for drone photos (haven’t posted in a while, oops).


Awesome! Thank you! I followed you :grin:. That’s very true. I won’t tell :shushing_face: :joy:

Nice job! You should get an award just for doing research.


I got one for tagging someone and one for an interesting topic :rofl::rofl:. But yeah, research is important lol

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