It's nice to repair broken things

I’ve had an Oakley display case for about 5 years now and I’ve sworn I would get the missing logo on it repaired. I was even lucky enough to have someone across the pond send me a broken piece (see a trend here) of one to make sure my measurements were good. All those years ago I had the great idea that I would only replace it with the aluminum that should be there, then I learned the cost of a custom CNCed replacement. Fast forward to now, I have a machine that makes things so why not make things! I decided to use clear acrylic since I have it handy and it would be smooth for painting silver. I have to use two pieces due to their old logo having a floating E. Cut my pieces and pulled out some handy dandy WeldOn (giant learning curve from PVC pipe fitting) and within a few minutes I have this lovely piece of art.

Sprayed it with Krylon Fusion spray paint and will paint it with some metallic silver paint once it drys. Spray painted reverse stencils look like art to me :man_shrugging:

Anyway here’s what it looks like on the case, and the old broken piece for reference. I think it’s a pretty good match for what I need.


Yes ! Great to have this accent to our world.

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VERY nice work. I love how it turned out.

Nice outcome !!

Display case? That looks like something Houdini tried to escape from upside down in water !!!..


Looks like just the thing to display the Crown Jewels or perhaps something you do not want getting out? Though the little hinged door definitely spoils that impression.


I’m amused that Oakley seems to have overengineered every part of that case except for their logo.


Ha that was in the day when they over engineered everything because they could. Now the cases and glasses are bland.

Disclaimer: I may or may not be a semi collector of Oakley. Though not as much anymore now that I’m out of the business.

I was going through some old gear bags over the weekend, and found my oakley puffy coat and down riding pants from ~2005/2006. Still in great shape after a lot of heavy wear. They don’t make the down pants anymore, sadly.

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