It's Not Easy Being Green (WAY off-topic)

I had the great privilege of being the parent chosen to take @andrew.c.alessi to his first concert for his 9th birthday last night!

I’m not a big fan, but Green Day was amazing. 2.5 hours of NON-STOP excitement. Seriously I don’t know how they maintain that much energy for that long. All the hits were there, of course, plus some other songs I wasn’t familiar with. That drummer is crazy-awesome. Never realized how much he really carries the entire band. All sounded incredible and the show was unbelievable. From great musicianship and showmanship, to a spark shower and columns of fire 50’ high, to confetti everywhere. If you have the opportunity, go.


Sounds like an awesome first concert. my younger son chose Weird Al as his first concert :smile: Takes after his old man. And my oldest ended up going with some friends to Blue Man Group (since at the time he had just become a percussionist it was really cool.) I hope your son had a great time!

I’m a little jealous! I’ve yet to see him in concert!!!

For his 2nd concert he said he hopes Weezer goes back on tour. I’m like “Dude… Why don’t I just get you a time machine for your birthday so you can live in 1995 for a while.”