Its pretty quiet around here

The Beta units must be in the hands of the common forum users. Forum traffic has seemed to have slowed down.

Alternatively, in the absence of a real Glowforge some of us may have run out of things to say. :smirk:


Plus people are transitioning from holiday back to work. So plenty of backlog. I know that I fell WAY behind on the forums during the holiday, and now I am busy enough at work I just grab a shot here and there to read one of the couple hundred missed posts


Not posting as much because I just received a big package from FedEx. Inside there was something really cool to tinker with.:grin:


OK. Might have been more clear. It’s a banjo somebody wants me to repair.:stuck_out_tongue:


@jacobturner’s right, I think–people are slotting back into their post-holiday gigs. The forum kind of exploded as the holidays got near, and in the gap between Christmas and New Year. Now, we actually have to deal with life, instead of our Glowforge fantasies. :slightly_smiling:

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yeah, but isn’t Glowforge at CES, where are the news stories, tweats, photos, videos, demos etc…?

I’ve sent minions to check out the booth, ask questions and send back photos… ok, not REAL minions, just friends who owe me one!


I think I hear the Mission Impossible music playing in the background… :wink: I hope you give us a look as well! :slight_smile:

I actually checked out flight costs on a whim. All these years I’ve followed CES but nothing ever drew me to attend. Had I thought that far ahead and realized it, I would have done the fanboy thing at CES. Also, no canary in the coal mine here. I had Christmas services to attend to. Plus I am spending my free time getting my woodworking shop in shape so I can get some raw materials cheap for the Glowforge. It’s like 3rd trimester time I guess for those who have had kids.

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Wittgenstein… “Whereof one has nothing to say, thereof one should shut up”


Does anyone happen to know the CES booth number or at least what area the Glowforge booth might be found?


According to @spike in the following past, they are at Sands, Hall G - 80659.

Oddly enough, I’ve found myself hanging out more on the forums now that I’m back at work…I suppose being stuck in front of a computer all day would do that, though. :smile: Been doing some side projects brought on by conversations here, so hopefully I’ll be able to share some results soon! :wink:

Dan links to a map here.

10$ CND to the first person to go to CES and accidently slip the display GF into their bag. :stuck_out_tongue:


Or to get an upsidedown lid pic of them self.

Why do I for see a really really really bad new type of selfie phenomenon. Also please watch the low cut tops ladies(and some larger men).


This just made me LOL!

Yes. I think people are back to work and have more time! Ha.

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