It's puzzling!

I really hope this works (because I haven’t separated the pieces yet) , made it for my brother’s family who is very active and having a hard time in quarantine. This is their cat, Princess. I’m no @jbmanning5, but I think it turned out ok!


Beautiful kitty! Bet they love it! :slightly_smiling_face:


Looks very good! They’ll love it.


I’ve had to come to accept that I/we just can’t compete with certain people for certain things. That does not mean we can’t make nice things and you have!


Beautiful photo to use! They’ll really enjoy it!

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Thanks! Actually I’m not sure they will, I accidentally dropped it while moving it today, so I started trying to put it back together to make sure I didn’t lose any of the pieces, and wow it’s hard (and I’m totally cheating and looking at the cut diagram for the pieces).

I didn’t want to say it earlier, but there is very little differentiation between the majority of the pieces. It would either be a great challenge, or an extremely irritating one!

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I know, right? But what else do they have to do :grinning:

Some of the pieces, it’s even hard to tell the front from the back. I guess I’m just evil that way ha ha.

I have copied a few Yuu Asaka puzzle designs for my daughter, she hates me… :smiley:

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Yeah they are just lucky that I scaled it down. Initially I was going to make it a 600 piece puzzle, but then I decided it would take too long to cut, so it ended up being 150 :rofl:

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Ok, I’m just going to add to this post, in case anyone else is thinking of doing this for a stir crazy family member, and wants to make a custom walnut box for the puzzle pieces. OMG I thought that would be the easy part. It turns out, I carefully made a box that would fit inside the small flat rate mailer box from USPS. Only to find out, the pieces would not all fit inside the box. Then, I made it bigger, only to find out, when designing for a box to mail in, you need to make the box according to the OUTSIDE measurements, not inside (because then the box was too big to fit just by the thickness of the wood). Only to adjust it again and find out, the pieces still did not fit. So on my fourth try, I finally ended up with a box that would contain all the pieces (and I had to count them THREE times to make sure I didn’t lose any :roll_eyes:) and would still fit inside the mailer. Wow, and after all that, I didn’t take a picture of it, I just wanted it done and taped up and ready for pickup tomorrow. Sheesh!

Can y’all tell I’m stir crazy too?