It's still the little things (Christmas musings)

I know this is a bit personal and kinda deep for a forum, but it’s Christmas and we’re allowed to reminiscence and get a little sappy, right?

I’m facing some weird neurological issues that have really hindered the use of my hands/arms. I’ve been dealing with this crap for almost 9 months and my biggest gift this seasons was finally finding a doctor who could give me some possible answers and hope.

I think things happen for a reason and I believe the Glowforge is one of those things. Having my hands not listen to my brain has been such an incredible struggle for me, but I can’t even imagine how much worse it would be if it had not been for Dan’s magical machine. The Glowforge and this little community has allowed me to continue to create and stay (semi) sane. I count them both as a true blessing this season!

Little things like this make me fall in love with this machine over and over again. Even after a year with my GF I still get all giddy inside when I open the lid to see the idea that was in my head sitting on the tray in front of me. Today’s challenge was to design a badge for a plaque I’m making for a dear friend who is retiring after 32(!) years. I made on older “worn” version and one newer and brighter to see which one I liked better. I know they’re not spectacular or complicated, but I don’t even care 'cause they’re a masterpiece to me! LOL. I’m just damn happy @dan and his team had a dream and made them possible for me. I hope tonight you all have a lot to be grateful for too. :heart:


I’m so glad you hopes have turned into reality. I remember your concern about this and am glad the Glowforge is doing its duty.

It’s so good to be able to do the design and get everything ready and just press a button and it works. No messing around with anything in setup for the machine except connecting and disconnecting the vent from the window.


Sorry to hear of your struggles. They certainly are not evident in the work you have shown us (like the above amazing badges). It’s great that the Glowforge can make it possible to bring your dreams to reality! And I hope the new doc can really make a difference!


Those turned out very nice. Art has always been a powerful therapy for physical challenges. I am so glad that the Glowforge has facilitated your ability to continue to create and bring beauty into the world. The Glowforge has also brought together some pretty fine people on this forum.


The badges look great! I like both versions (and can’t decide which I like more).


I think you’ll have to use both badges.

Good luck with the docs!


I am in a similar situation, and can appreciate your struggles, as well as your ability to make changes to your lifestyle to allow continued avenues for your creativity. Glowforge does that. My legs may not work anymore, and my fingers and dexterity are crap, but still being able to create new things keeps me occupied. I hope that your doctors find ways to help your symptoms!


Best season for getting sappy that I’ve found. (I indulged all day yesterday.) Hope 2019 brings ease to the anxiety for everyone, and even more beautiful creations. (The badges are excellent!) :slightly_smiling_face:


The badges look great.

Sorry for the challenges you’ve been facing. Hope 2019 brings more answers and some relief!

I agree about the Glowforge. I love mine and the ability to create art with the skill sets I have.


Damn straight! This forum would not hold the same appeal if this were not the case. At least for me. I cannot imagine what it’s been like for you for the past 9 month. I had no idea until you posted this. Pretty different, but my husband has severe neuropathy…no feeling whatsoever in his hands and feet. He likens mere walking to it feeling like he walks on stilts, now. He cannot feel when he has severely burned himself nor cut himself. I’m so sorry you’re dealing with those issues and sure hope that there is very good hope for the future, now.


I’m sorry you are having so much to deal with. Your work is always so amazing … We would never have guessed.

Sometimes finding the right Doctor is everything. Too often we are really seeing the wrong one. Wishing you all the best!

Your badges are excellent! Very nicely done! I think the Glowforge opens so many doors for projects … Making so much possible.


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