It's time to play the music It's time to light the lights! I got my Golden Email!

Welp, just doing what I was politely asked to do in the email I’ve been waiting nearly forever for. Came home to a pleasant surprise of the email asking me if I wanted my Glowforge shipped.

Of course I said yes.

Now being in Canada, but having it shipped to the States for pickup, I just have to figure out how to get UPS My Choice to work. It just keeps giving me errors when I try and confirm my ID for an account…


And now after 2 years and 12 days my Golden Ticket arrived as well. Now the frightening part --> failing to be creative enough to have justified the long wait at the expense of passing on other opportunities. :sunglasses:



Don’t know about the origin of UPS my Choice account sign up issues from a Canadian view but if your mail drop is a commercial place or address UPSMyChoice isn’t available.

Congratulations!!! @forhorsman and @bmcgrain

It’s all sorted out I think. I was just too quick to try and set things up and hadn’t received an account confirmation email that was awaiting me this morning.


That’s right, I forgot about the confirmation process. Sometimes it includes a physical confirmation through snail mail.

Good luck. Hope it works out well.

Finally got the email telling me my Proofgrade is on the way. Hopefully the 'Forge itself is on the way not too long afterwards. w00t!