I've been gone a while, but I've been busy!



Hey guys!

I know I have been gone a while, but with me getting a new job, and working on a few projects including this shed for my gardening equipment, I have been mighty busy.

I Anyways I plan on Glow Forging a cool sign I can put above the door of this bad boy. Any Ideas?

Let me know what you think!

Here is the finished product (and my thumb):

And here is the whole gallery:
The Great Shed Build - 2016 (Imgur Album)

Bonus Pics!
My daughter helping me out:

And me sitting on the unfinished roof. :smiley: (It’s very hot in Florida)


Welcome back…nice shed😀


Looks great! :relaxed:


Congrats on the great work!


Just in time before the rain this week. Be careful this weekend.


I love it! I think your daughter did most of the work though from the looks of it lol. and yes, the humid heat here is merciless


I just made a cool sign from pallet wood and a piece of 1/8" plywood. I cut out the letters with the scrollsaw (Glowforge would be better and way easier) and then put the pallet wood behind. I’ll see if I can find a picture.

It’s also on a shed.


Nice little garage for the yard/garden tools/equipment!
Wish I had room for one.

“Garden weeds, and general disenchantment handled here”


Nice scrollsaw work.


I like the style on that - every garden shed should have one, IMO.

Chuckle! We would need one that said “The Cathouse”. (They took over the potting shed about ten years back.)


I hear @dan has a cool sign for the White House Office of Science and Technology. Put that sign up on the shed. Will totally confuse the neighbors…


looks great! I’m considering building a third before the rain falls again :stuck_out_tongue:


That would be hilarious! :smiley:




How did you get that gorgeous rust finish on your plywood??


You Tube… :wink:

I’ll see if I can remember the layers - Chrome Spray Paint, Burnt Umber (Acrylic) with Sawdust, Burnt Sienna, a light coat of a red stain. finish with a clear exterior spray.


Thanks! It looks great.


Seeing as you have a daughter plan ahead and the sign would be like “Boyfriend’s Body Storage Room”.


I really like this idea. :slight_smile: