I've made a lot, but here is my first share - Perpetual Calendar


I had a lot of fun making this file. I roughly followed the design of a perpetual calendar I received a long time ago from my grandmother. I almost made the mistake of just putting 1-6 on each block and then realized I had forgotten 0, and 7, 8, 9, blah blah. All the pieces are snugly fit, had to use a hammer to lightly hammer them together, so no glue was necessary. I’m rather proud of it. I’ve made a lot of other item already but this one makes me think of grandma.

1/8" plywood (mix of bass and maple, as that was all I had left over)
Approximately 176 square inches of material
Designed on Illustrator, about 2 hours of messing around
Utilized MakerCase.com to get some of the boxes started


Your grandma would be proud! Thanks for sharing your cool project.


You’re going to make me cry, thank you!

I think it turned out lovely! It’s nice to make something that triggers memories.

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Thank you very much. It really was a fun project!

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I don’t suppose you have a pic of the original?

@evansd2 sure do!


Neat! I received a similar calendar several years ago

Last year (pre-GF) I used it as a prototype for an elective makers class with 9-11 year olds and had them design their own. Their designs included a tree with nests holding the “date eggs”, a turntable with a vinyl 45, and a flying dragon clutching small people. That last one was conceptually good but difficult to make happen. :slight_smile:
Here is the one I made. I call it my Cthulu calendar.

There are nuts in the eye stems, and bolts on the eyes so I can change where it looks.

Now the wheels are spinning about how to incorporate the GF to this project this year. Thanks for the inspiration!


Wonderful testament to the original. Thanks for the share!

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