"I've never killed anyone in my life. Sandman terminate runners."


As an expediter in a busy restaurant, I shout “RUNNER PLEASE!” about 400 times a day when I need food to hit tables.

So I made this as a joke to wear at work.

Unfortunately, no one at work seems to have seen a sci-fi movie from the 70s other than Star Wars. Sigh.


Fantastic movie, It is on the ABC’s (Australian Broadcast Corporation) free iView list right now.

I still think of it whenever i hear someone has had facial cosmetic surgery


I had such a crush on Jenny Agutter after I saw that movie :heart_eyes:


You know what’s even more obscure than the movie? The book.


Ha ha, had it too… it was in storage when i went OS.
Upon my return 17 years later i found out my mother had ‘kindly’ sold all the items in it ‘so i would not have to deal with the clutter’


I still have the paperback with the movie poster art on the cover, as well as production photos. :sunglasses:




When I turned 30 I put a flashing red LED into a crystal thing and pasted it to my palm. People who got it, got it. People who didn’t, didn’t. Either way, I enjoyed the humor of it. :slight_smile:


That was a good movie. I have the book and few years ago I came across a DVD of the movie. Anyone remember the short lived series?


michael York baby


Have a friend doing a movie themed Halloween party. I was going to go as Cliff from SAFE as all I had to do was look really grubby(aka normal) and swear a lot(alcohol at party would help with character). But now I want to get a small led and go as a runner…


I’ve seen them on Etsy… but I think this could be Glowforged with a little effort!


There was a series? Cool!


That’s fantastic!