Iwatch bands

I finally was brave enough to engrave on my Apple Watch bands. I loved it that I have already made a lot of them! :grinning:


Those are fantastic! How did you color them?


These look great! Great job with the coloring!

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For the crowns I used regular paint but the one that becomes permanent and all the others I used airbrush paint. I realized that these airbrush paint become permanent. After I paint them I bake them at 250 degrees for 6 minutes. I am not near my paint but I’ll upload a pic of those later.


I still haven’t been brave enough to try doing the watchbands. But then again, I only have one, so if I mess it up, I’ll be wearing a messed up band! I really love your Ezra one!

You won’t mess it up! Just go for it. You can also buy one online just incase you mess it up but I don’t think you will. I was afraid too but I loved the results. Try a little design so you won’t mess up too much lol.

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Okay, I’ll be brave! Don’t have time right now, but I will!

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You can always try a light engrave on the inside of the band in case it doesn’t work out. If it does, flip it over and do the outside.

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That’s a great idea!!

oh I used Arteza paint

Oh, good idea! I’ll do that. Thanks!