Jan 2024 Update

Happy new year! It was an incredible December, and I’m still feeling the afterglow. We spent so much time together as a family that it’s been hard the last few weeks seeing everyone back at school. As our twins turn 15, we’re close to empty nesting, so it’s probably good practice!

One of the most joyful creative moments I’ve had with my Glowforge was playing with the new Magic Canvas tools. I just could not stop creating pendants, earrings, and designs for family members.

And just last week, we were visiting one of our major manufacturing partners for a business review. I threw some slate coasters in my Glowforge the night before we left. Magic canvas, copy-paste four times, align, set spacing, and print - and I had an amazing gift to share. No matter how many times I do it, the ability to click and create things is incredible.

And we’ve been adding a lot more ways to experience that incredible feeling!

Valentine’s Day Cards

It’s lovely to show someone they’re cared for, but it can be a project to make the gift personal. We have a solution.

Over the next two weeks, we’re rolling out a custom valentine’s day card creator. Just pop some paper in your Glowforge (you can use the cardstock settings in the material dropdown), enter any idea or phrase in Magic Canvas, select the Valentine’s Day Card style, and watch the most incredible, personalized card come to life. Generic, store-bought valentines don’t even come close to the magic you can make!

I’ve already made personalized cards for my whole family, and am blown away by the level of detail and beauty in each one. You can check out some tips here for how to get the perfect card every time.

Revamped Referrals

Did you know that most people that buy a Glowforge do so because they heard about it from a Glowforge owner like you?

We’d much rather reward our community instead of some faceless advertising platforms, so we revamped our referral program with a new dashboard to track your referrals, and a wider range of rewards for you and your friends.

Share your referral link to give your friends $500 off a Pro, $250 off a Plus, or (new!) a $50 gift card with Glowforge Aura… and earn up to $3000 in Glowforge credits yourself! Just head over to Glowforge - the 3D laser printer to share your special link and to keep track of your referral discounts.

New Smart Folders

With thousands of designs in our catalog, we’re making it easier to find the one that’s perfect for you. That means nearly 100 new smart folders and subfolders! With categories like “Gifts & Party Supplies”, “Kitchen & Dining”, and “Outdoor & Gardening”, you can find the perfect design for any need. Personally, I’m excited about the “Games & Activities” folder, while my kids are still up for family game nights!

Editable Catalog Designs

What’s better than thousands of designs you can click and print? Giving them that special, personalized touch! Add a name, special date or custom message on any catalog designs labeled “Editable Text” – we’re adding more designs all the time.

Glowforge is coming up on a decade of making lasers that make things magical, and I am still delighted and amazed at the innovations the team comes up with. I can’t wait to share what’s next!