Japanese are creatively interesting yet again

So, music is very much to taste, but its a fun odd offbeat group(that performs on beat) and feels warm caribean-ish on a day many of us are very cold on(or at least just a few feet away is very cold).


gotta love the matching head masks.
fun stuff.

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Going to show my husband, I’ve never seen a group of people wearing shrimp masks before. Weirdly enough, makes me want to watch Fraggle Rock.


This comment brought back good memories of watching Fraggle Rock as a kid. Are we old yet? :joy:.


Never! Though don’t ask my kids that question…i tried getting them into Fraggle Rock, and HR Pufnstuf… They weren’t interested… But 10 hours of SpongeBob laughing, they are more interested in seeing how long until my sanity cracks … Ugh…

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Mine love Fraggle Rock. Now that they’re older (20s-30s) we have discussions about how evil the Fraggles were and the social messaging that was embedded in the cartoon. Questions like just because Dozers benefited from the relationship, was it symbiotic or was it slavery? Was the routine theft from the giants justified for the survival of the Fraggles? What was the meaning of the Trash Heap…


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