Japanese Cardboard Artist Turns Old Amazon Boxes Into Tanks, Food And Other



Little things like the tire treads wrapped around assist in thinking “outside the box”, beyond just flat surfaces and tangential joining. Great inspiration.


Amazing things here!


Those are Really Amazing! Can’t imagine how long it took to make some of those. Amazing Find!


:astonished: Wow, I’m so glad I clicked the link!

That is some amazing work and defiantly takes cardboard to a new level. I love the attention to detail.


Incredible works of art and creation!


I wonder if this is the artist who created the T-Rex out of Amazon boxes for the Amazon office in Tokyo. Here’s a photo from our family trip to Japan a few years ago.




Whoa. That is definitely some next level stuff. Thanks for sharing!


My mind boggles. I can see that it’s cardboard, but can’t imagine the techniques to get such small features out of the material and get it to stick together. Wowzers.


There is a crazy amount of detail in these. Very inspiring.
Awesome to see what can be done with even the most simple materials and a whole lot of time.


Whoa. Super rad!