Jasco Brand nightlights from Walmart

I’ve been here before with the nightlights, but true to form, Walmart pares things down to minima form and function. It’s an always on light, so not quite as good as the ones with the sensors.

The bottom clip is different. Seems to have the same three slots (perhaps they don’t want to change the die), but it only needs the center one.

Blue LED is a nice touch. Smaller. I was a bit apprehensive about buying them because They looked like they would be welded together instead of screwed as the ones I had used before.

No problem. Glowforge thick acrylic is a perfect fit. I just recut the bottom edge and joined it to what I had made before.

So if you are looking for a project for a nightlight, this is a no brainer. Here is the file for your enjoyment. The acrylic reflector just slides out. The original seems to be polycarbonate.

Walmart Nlight Lights


Love the blue LED. Actually, heading to north of St. Louis in a couple of days to see my sister. Finally get to meet her Grandson who is 1-1/2. Looks like our Walmart has two left!
Thank you for sharing, I was wanting to take something for him.


Lovely. Thanks.

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Custom night lights are so much fun! I have made several with stands that turn on and off.


Sweet project. :heart:


I love taking something out there, and making it better!
This is a stellar project!!!



I love this idea!!

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