Jeep Snow Boots

I am moving to Colorado and so of course I needed some snow boots. I picked up these JBU southgate boots at my local Costco and did a beilstein test and confirmed they did not have chlorine. I am also a jeeper so I decided a jeep logo would be perfect to engrave. The nice thing about the jeep grill logo is that you can separate it into 9 pieces and have 9 chances to get the settings right.

First grill slit I did was with settings of full speed, 10 power, and 225 LPI

^^ You can also see that I used the tie down mat and the handy shoe lace loops to get the boot nice and flat.

The results were okay but I feel I could do better. So the second slit I did was with settings of full speed, 12 power, and 270 LPI

The results were better (you mainly can tell the difference the LPI made). I decided to try one more setting and did full speed, 15 power, 270 LPI.

I couldn’t tell too much of a difference and so I decided to just leave it and print the rest with the settings of full speed, 15 power, 270. Here are the final results


I love this. Thanks for always sharing your settings, etc. on your materials. I use your info a lot.


Interesting. I was thinking that jeep had some other Logo as that one made my mind think of something a cell phone could read so googled about and indeed that grill seems to be it. Then I noticed that the price was like three Glowforge pros or where the price of a Lamborghini was the last time I looked (a number of years ago but still) Remembering that my Volvo was $1600 brand new (also many years ago) I have a wonder at my 50cents a week allowance, that might be $100 today :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:


Your boots are SEXY!! Love them!!


So when is the big move? Can’t wait to hear how it goes. What a cool design! Wonder how long it will take others to actually look at your boots and go, “Wow, where’d you get those? I’ve never seen any like that before?” And if any of us were around, we could respond with, “Oh, you haven’t seen anything yet! Wait until you see other pieces of her wardrobe!” :grinning:


Nice personal touch!


These look amazing


My start date is Feb 13th :blush: just put a house under contract and so that closes Feb 1st. I’m thinking leave the DC area end of January and spend a few days enjoying the stops along the way :blush:

My FJ will be packed well with dogs :rofl:


We’ ve driven across country a few times, and always say we’re going to take our time and stop to see whatever looks interesting along the way, and although we have made some stops, we usually end up just driving through. One of our trips we drove the northern route and stopped to see the arch in St. Louis, which was fun. Me being afraid of heights and claustrophobic, we didn’t go up it. We stayed off the major freeways as much as possible, and it was fun to drive through all the smaller towns and see the “hometown of so-and-so” signs. So if you can, it’s a great thing to do. And since you’ll have dogs with you, you’ll need to make stops! Hope we see pictures!