Jenga pistol


This looks like fun




Ah…next project…I think i’ll use the flourecent plexi…
Knowing my kids, ( the grown ones) they will not use it for jenga but on each other…lol


Youtube search

If you Google rubber band guns, there are all types of stuff out there. This is more of a GF style due to it being plywood. Lots of though go into these guys. The Gatling guns are insane.


I can confirm firsthand that rubberband gatling guns are mindpoppingly amazing.

The drone from the video is the real deal - 80 rubberbands per second. It was a nightmare trying to catch it on video because it’s just a complete blur.

But it was seriously one of the most ridiculously terrifying things I have ever had control of…

(I was just off camera to the son’s left with the actual drone remote. The drone was real, but that whole shot was hilarious movie magic… let me know if anyone’s interested in the story)


Are you kidding? Uh, YEAH!


Indeed stories, and maybe details on how you guys come around to design the drone.

Also were those your twins in the videos @dan?


No, they last starred in the Robot Turtles video. :slightly_smiling: This one was shot mostly in LA, plus our office in Seattle.