Jenga Plus Jig via Dollar Tree Mini-Jenga

Dollar Tree has these mini jenga games out on their shelves. Being someone who adores miniature versions of games and isn’t so keen on big sized versions of the games, I bought one.

I brought it to the bar where my friends used Sharpies to modify the game with little challenges and dares such as, “Sing your favorite song aloud,” or, “Ask a stranger their birthday.”

So if they can write it, I can laser it! Enter the mini-jenga jig. This jig is sized specifically for the Dollar Tree games. If you don’t have snapmarks, this jig works so long as you don’t move your jig material. If you do have snapmarks, this jig is reusable.

MiniJenga Jig.pdf (817.9 KB)

The PDF contains two sample sets of jenga to engrave: a challenge set in sans-serif, and a getting to know you set in cursive. If you want to get into the weeds of modification of this jig, here is the layered (at least it is layered in Inkscape) SVG:


though I cannot promise that the fonts will come through.

Score the blue snapmarks so that you can reuse your jig whenever the snapmarks feature comes through for your account, cut the red rectangles and then remove the rectangle you cut out. Pop in your mini jenga pieces (the jig holds one complete game), ignore everything you’ve already cut/scored, and then engrave either the black or the brown writings or writings of your own. I’ve found that the cherry veneer proofgrade settings work a treat for engraving on the tiles, so long as you set their material height correctly. Their material height is a consistent 0.3495 in. (see, now you don’t have to get out your calipers, but you will double check me anyway)


Some of the getting to know you blocks cut via the jig and the settings, above.


Can sell what you made with this jig. Cannot sell the jig, not even if you’ve included it in a bigger design. Share and share alike!


That’s taking it up a notch! :grinning:


Thanks for the generous share!


I bought a set a week or so ago, can’t wait to make this! Thanks for the share!!


Cool enhancement to the game!

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Nice idea. Thanks for the share.

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Great Idea! I have found that when the design does not touch an edge there is a lot more room for error than a 3-inch design on a 3-inch piece of wood. Now if you did that as mini cat stacking with the texts …

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Fun addition! Thank you so much for sharing!

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Now I’ve got to go to dollar tree.

Thank you

Thanks! I was looking for a game to play Easter. I saw these mini games and was wondering who would come up with what to do with them!
I grabbed your pdf but seems both games are on the same page…do you have a fix?

oops! found your fix!! different color score…thanks again!

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What a neat idea!! Thank you for sharing!! I can’t wait to try this out!!