Jewelry Mania

Since about Valentine’s Day, I’ve been making jewelry (and a few other things) like crazy. Don’t know why - have no use for it.

I temporarily closed my Etsy store when I got so ill. I suppose I should re-open, but I never sell anything.

I thought a sea,air and land trio would be interesting.

Made one of the owls -so cute! And one of the fairy birds for a friend in clear blue acrylic - it was so gorgeous. Mr. Bilous (?) is a marvelous designer.
This pin amazed me- you can see the engraved Greek Key pattern in the wall strip!


I like a lot of those. Forum anniversary for you!


Very nice and broad assortment of projects.


Happy Cakeday to me!


Happy :cake: day to you… and wow! You’ve been busy.


Lots of lovely pieces! Happy cake day!


Happy cake day!


Prices for earrings are very low and you never really get paid for the time it took to design the things, so may want to consider selling the SVG in a shop instead. You certainly have items worth buying.

My earrings are sold by the circle of friends the wife has. She will show some off and one will get bought. During the next week I will end up making another half dozen from people seeing them on the wife’s friend.

There are flea market tables available in every city I have looked for one. Just another option, sitting at a table for a Saturday afternoon.

Giving options, because like I mentioned, there are some nice looking earrings being shown, so there has to be a market you can reach.


Happy cakeday! (Love the Greek Urns!) :smile:

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I know why. Because it’s fun. I do the same thing. I get stuck on making one type of thing and just make it like crazy until I’m sick of looking at it. You’ve made lots of stuff…you’re having lots of fun!


Wow, you have been busy. @brokendrum had some great suggestions if you would like to sell something. I agree selling the designs would be your best bet to make any money. Thanks for sharing, if nothing else, you have provided inspiration for others.

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I have a few earrings and some new colors.

Uploading: 20220509_134356.jpg…

All of the acrylic is from Galaxy Plastic


Those are great colors! I’m noting the name of that company.

I like the stained glass they have and the pearl maybe (on larger than earrings).
I really like using the two color acrylics for earrings though, for that added flair.
Johnson’s prices have gone up but searching for Romark DurMark acrylics will maybe find them cheaper. You get a lot of earrings out of a sheet.

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Well you have definitely been busy, and made great use of small scrap materials! I really like the multicolor acrylic rectangles bracelet, and your animal character earrings. Fun! If you don’t want to reopen your Etsy store, is there a local business where you can sell your stuff? Or have a yard sale - bet you would do well with that! And happy cake day!

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